Writing 101: Day 1, unlock the mind


*My mind often wanders, particularly at work, and today I decided to keep my email open and wrote in whatever came to mind.  The following is a little taste of what I deal with on a daily basis.  It appears that some people in this world think that they shouldn’t have to queue along with other people, and so they’ll move about, leaning to the side, try to make eye contact, or sigh very, very heavily, (and often), to bring some attention to themselves.  

If you are or have been a bartender, or simply when you’ve been to a bar and are waiting to order your drink(s), you’ll have noticed at least one person trying to get the bartenders’s attention, they stare, try to make eye contact and the slightly more desperate  will be the ones lying half their body across the bar itself. This never works, I would always ignore them and would serve the ones patiently waiting before them, they always tipped better.


Lean to the right and stare, lean to the left and stare, and stare, and stare, and stare.  Mustn’t take my eye’s off her, I’ve got to make eye contact, yes that’s the key, eye contact and she’ll know instantly that she needs to tell those standing in front of me, those who somehow managed to get in ahead of me, to step to the side so that she may see to my needs.

Finally, the old lady left the line, she was taking forever!  Honestly, these old folks seem to think everyone has all the time in the world like they do, why can’t they remember that us younger people have less time to spend waiting in time, I’m double booked!  I’m going to be late for my appointment, why can’t they be more accommodating for people like me!

Lean to the left, lean to the right, and stare.  Just one more person to go, and I’m close enough now to be seen better, must make eye contact.  Perhaps she can’t see me behind these people, perhaps if I make some noise, I’ll sigh heavily, then she’ll definitely know that there’s someone here that must be seen immediately!

Yes!  Eye contact made!  Now for my request, and….

What does she mean, I have to wait?  Hurry up!  I can’t wait much longer. If I get in early, before my next appointment I’ll have time to do some shopping before I have to return to work!

I have to wait for my appointment time?  Why can’t you take me in ahead of these others, I’ve got other places to be!

I’ll be back in an hour.




One response to “Writing 101: Day 1, unlock the mind

  1. I like how you describe the waiting and trying to make eye contact – I can relate well and can picture the scene clearly! I find it extremely frustrating when people seem to think that they’re the only ones in a rush and everyone else is just lazing about. Great post!

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