Keep your distance

Like many, I’ve wasted a few hours on Pintrest, and in the Women’s Fashion board I’ve occasionally come across a certain word that I find rather disturbing, it’s “modest,” and it’s used in reference to modest clothing. I first came across this form of it reminded me of a show I catch sometimes, a reality TV show about a Super Creepy Ken Doll dad and his heavily medicated wife, (I have no idea if she’s medicated, but she does seem like she’s under the influence of something, how else can you explain her deer in the headlights look?), and their thousand children.


If you haven’t seen this show, it’s a reality TV show, and while I’ve never been a fan of this type of program I watch it sporadically and have yet to sit through an entire episode, Super Creepy Ken Doll dad gives me the wiggins. But, what I’ve seen, the sexism, misogyny, ignorance, and cult like mind control that goes on, is really quite disturbing. I’m not sure which is worse; the fact that this is actually going on or that so many people think that there is nothing wrong with this.


All the children are homeschooled, their education, (especially the girls), and their connection with the outside, (real), world is severely monitored and restrictive. But what does this have to do with fashion? Well, along with their lifestyle, education their dress is restrictive, again especially with what the females of this family are allowed to wear. The women are made to dress “modestly” which means layering in slightly oversized clothes, long skirts or dresses, in short, wear a large sack.


Lets consider the safety of this type of dress, in an episode, one of the girls was allowed to join the volunteer fire fighters, but the uniform would mean that she would have to wear trousers. Now SCKD dad would not allow her to wear trousers, so she took a pair of scissors to them and turned them into a long skirt, which is clearly a safety hazard and I find it hard to believe she was allowed to continue in this role.


Then there’s what they wear to go swimming, the Victorians wore less when they hit the beach. Many people think the Victorian era to be repressive but in comparison to this family, and many more like them, they were hedonist. The Victorians went to public beaches, where men and women could see one another in bathing suits, the horror! These fundamentalists do not like to go to public beaches because it’s just too difficult for the boys to look at the girls, and not have some naughty thoughts. Despite that what they’re wearing at the beach is pretty much what they wear to go shopping, (save for the fact that they may be flashing some elbows and knees at the beach), I can’t see what the fuss is about. Does the material cling to the body when it gets wet? Another thing is they don’t look very safe for swimming, even the Victorian’s only waded into the sea as the weight of all those wet clothes would sink you to the bottom.


Modesty before safety does anyone else not see how ridiculous this is?


The other week I came across an article about a blog post from a women who has decided to never wear leggings in public because of a confession from her husband. It seems women wearing leggings turn him on, and of course she took this as “OMG! I must be turning on other men when I wear leggings! I must change my way of dressing immediately and let others know of this so they will do the same!” Because she’s actually worried that the shape of her body is turning on the husbands of other women and she feels bad, so very bad for doing this sinful deed.


Are men, (of course I’m referring to straight men), really that feeble minded that they can’t function when they see the female form? Of course not, and while their eyes may wander when they see a beautiful women, it’s the same for everyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, you see someone you find attractive and you’re going to have a look. Guaranteed, when I see a man dressed to complement his well-formed body, I will have some very lusty thoughts. But for it to go any further from my mind I would need get to know him first, (a name is always good to know).


Women should dress in he way they feel most comfortable, without fear that they’ll be raped, and for the record the lame excuse that “she was dressed like she was asking for it,” is complete bullshit, and if you question that then please explain why Nun’s, or women wearing Burka’s are raped?


It’s not about what she was wearing, it’s about having power, it’s about control, control over another person, usually women.


Super Creepy Ken Doll dad is a control freak, spend a few minutes watching him and you’ll quickly come to that conclusion. His daughters, and I’m sure many more others are brought up to fear that having a life outside the family compound will lead to some kind of biblical like death.


It’s difficult to put blame on the women in his cult, most of them have been born into it and keeping them locked up from society they know nothing else, although it’s only a matter of time before one of them wakes up. I look forward to that day as I look forward to when the legging-wearing woman realises that it’s not her responsibility to stop men from having lusty thoughts about her.


Some will say they only want to protect their daughters from harm, and I understand, but if you truly mean that, then teach your sons to be better men.



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