Grrr! Arrrgh!

*Before I begin, here’s a warning that I’m in a grumpy mood, and I’m all out of wine, so I may get a bit sweary.   This list will most likely change in their level of irritation next week, and more will be added, but for now, I present to you a list of the most annoying words and phrases, beginning with the least annoying, (although there’s little difference between them).   Keep Calm and Carry On –  this phrase has taken on a whole new life since it’s resurrection a few years ago.  It was originally to be used a motivational poster during WWII, only upon the invasion of Britain by Germany, but as that didn’t happen the poster never saw the poster was shelved until someone came across it in some dusty back room some six decades later. Considering it’s original intent I often wondered what people were thinking when they began to use this. Then of course, the message began to change, it started to get silly, twee and finally to a level where I’m left thinking, “why bother?”   Moving / Going forward – this is one of the many, many annoying work-speak words used by people who want others to think of them as being in charge, intelligent and all business.  The opposite of what they are striving for is what actually happens, and yet people still use it, frequently.  Let it be known, if this word is in your vocabulary, you will be, and probably already are, mocked.   I can’t even – you can’t even…what? Finish a sentence?   How’s the fam? – this is something I overheard recently. The fam?  I’m assuming they meant, “how is the family?” but had difficulty spewing out the “ily” part, because it’s such a difficult word.  If anyone were to ask me, “how’s the fam?” I shall answe                 


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