In the town where you live: Trollied

Brampton, Ontario, Canada, a quiet village surrounded and incorporating lush meadows where shopping trolleys love to, and are allowed to, roam free.  As in most towns, villages and cities, the shopping trolley is a creature created to serve us humans, assisting the human shopper by carrying goods that the human may intend to buy, but unlike most places, in Brampton the shopping trolley is allowed to frolic for a while after completing their duty. You see, once the goods have been loaded into the human’s vehicle they should be placed into the corral with the other trolleys and wait to be taken back into the store for more work.

Trollied-4 Trollied-6

In Brampton, this practice was deemed cruel, and so the citizens began to set the shopping trolleys free after they used them by not placing them into the corrals, even if they were standing next to one.  Instead, before leaving the car park they would give the trolley a push away from their minivan or SUV, (an SUV’s is essential in Brampton due to the extreme terrain), allowing the trolley the opportunity to play before being sent back to work.

The shopping trolley is a shy creature and will tend to freeze in fear and attempt to blend in with the scenery when a human, that has no intention to use it approaches.  It also has great difficulty in climbing so it’s rare to find one uphill, but recently many have been spotted far uphill from their natural habitat, but they soon become tired and pass out before they can go any further.  Some have even attempted to take public transportation, perhaps in an attempt to try to escape to lands further afield.

Trollied-5 IMG_1349 Trollied-3

Some of the younger ones have been known to go a bit crazy upon their first taste of freedom as seen in this photo below, of one having passed out after a bender.


Some become lost and sadly linger in the same area, too shy to ask for directions, and perhaps some actually make it to the promised land, while some, sadly, are found dead in a ditch, some found mutilated with their wheels slowly turning in the wind as they gasp their last, but most are eventually, (weeks, months later), herded back to shops they came from.


Next in this series:  Hey, hey, we’re the Junkies!


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