Photo Challenge: Retail Relics

Going to a large department store used to be an event where you would be waited upon by shop assistants, nowadays though we to prefer to serve ourselves, but is that the only reason these once grand shops are disappearing before our eyes.  Of course not, I believe it is the way those who have run these stores have ignored the changing tastes of shoppers, people will enter a shop that they perceive is catering to them specifically and not to just everyone and anyone.  More importantly  it’s all about our demand for convenience, the one stop shopping and entertainment that only a shopping centre can deliver.  And then of course there’s the online shopping, they were really late for that party.

So what is for their future? Will they finally learn to adapt to the ever changing consumer preferences, create their own brand(s), new brands that will target a new audience, or will they become relics of retail?


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