I love this!

Today, the first day of summer, the first day of the local farmers market, the sun is shining, a perfect time to gather my food  for the week.  After a stop for some coffee, my mum and I had a wander about the arts and crafts area, there were the usual selections of soaps and knitted wares but then my eye caught something new, some artwork that truly stood out.

I had only enough money to spend so my choice was difficult but I chose this illustration because I liked the artist’s description of her art.  She said it was about her desire to invent something.  It struck a cord with me, I’ve always admired inventors, scientists, and wished I had the ability to create something that could benefit humanity, and then there’s that dark side of me that would grin at creating a Frankenstein, but then I would quickly regret that and try to right that wrong.

There were other illustrations that have come to haunt me, and so I must return, (well I will be back for more fruit and veg next week), to pick up another print.  Check out her website, there’s a few there that I saw at her stall.  All of her illustrations have a personal story, whether it’s her desire to travel and try new foods, her dreams, or imagination, it’s intriguing, a fun and positive inspiration.


Silly me, I forgot to add this,  http://heatheragoncillo.com/


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