Votes for Women; Why I vote

Earlier today I was watching the debate for the election of Premier of Ontario between Andrea Howarth of the NDP, (New Democratic Party, Centre Left, but used to be Left, Kathleen Wynne, Liberal, (Centre Left), and Tim Hudak, Conservative, (also go by Progressive Conservative, Tory, Reform Party, Canadian Tea Baggers, so very Right, Right, Right Wing, Baby….).  My conclusions are, well I really I haven’t decided, Andrea has disappointed me in that she is more Centre than left, I’ve not been too impressed by the Liberals, and I’d vote for one of the parties not invited to the debate, the Green Party, but I’m a realist and know they won’t be elected and can’t risk having the Tories in charge again, (I remember the 1990’s too well).

I’m having difficulty understanding Mr Bean, (seriously, look him up, does he not look like Mr Bean?), and his Dr Evil/Underpant Gnome plan of;

Phase 1 – cut 100,000 jobs, (in health and education).

Phase 2 – ?????????

Phase 3 – 1 Million Jobs!

I may be biased against the Tories, especially after they joined with the Canadian Tea Baggers years ago, but they’ve always sided with big business and I can’t, as it only helps a handful of people, so my vote is torn between the Liberals, who I’ve traditionally supported or the NDP, I’m still undecided and have less than nine days to figure it out.

But why do I bother to vote?  Its simple, because I am a woman, and I know it wasn’t all that long ago that I wouldn’t have had this right, and had I  been born in another country, (i.e. Saudi Arabia), I still would be denied this right.  When I think about those Suffragettes and all they suffered to get the vote for women, if I didn’t vote I would feel their struggle, and suffering was for nowt…..erm nothing.  But despite my sex, I also know there are still countries where the average citizen, male or female, also cannot vote and the right to choose for most people is still relatively new, and when people say they can’t be bothered, or some other lame excuse I say, “well then you lose the right to complain about who gets in and what they do.”


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