Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine, Thieves of Time

This is my first time joining in on this challenge, I usually just read the challenges but this one sparked a memory of a dream I had about a year ago. I don’t often remember my dreams, but every so often I have one that is so vivid it wakes me up. On these occasions I grab the notebook and pen, I keep at my bedside for such things, and write down the notes of the dream, trying to capture them before they quickly vanish and are lost forever.

As everyone who has had unconcious dreams, (so that would be every human that has ever lived), will know that dreams are rarely linear and are often confusing, and what notes I could scribble down aren’t really any clearer, mainly a series of notes of key words that have sparked a limited memory.

In my dream I was in a group, a group of thieves that is, and it was one that happened to have a time machine. We would travel into the past, taking usually something that was at the time insignificant, but in our time these were priceless works of art or of historical importance,and we would then sell them to the very wealthy for their own private collections.

What follows is the dream, or what I managed to write down with some embellishments of course.

*Warning, there’s some strong language ahead.

‘Simon, are you certain you got the coordinates correct? Simon?’ I added. He didn’t reply, but kept furiously tapping at the tablet. ‘I’m only asking because that mountain over there looks suspiciously like a volcano, and… ’ I continued before a large man crashed into me, almost sending me to the ground. ‘Are you fucking blind?’ I shouted at him, completely forgetting one of our most important rules which was to have as little contact with anyone we came across, and angering the populace was definitely a no no.

‘Barbarus!’ He shouted back adding what I can only guess was an extremely rude hand gesture before he disappeared into the crowd, thankfully he seemed to be in a hurry to be somewhere else.

The crowd, we were in a bustling city and judging by the smell we weren’t far from the harbour. The sun was high, and the heat was stifling which only made the other smells more pungent.

It could have been appreciated as a beautiful, late summer afternoon but this was not what we had planned. We should have been standing on several metres of volcanic ash, the sun should be struggling to shine through an overcast sky, and most importantly, there shouldn’t be all these people around, in fact there shouldn’t be anyone besides ourselves standing here.

‘Zhopa’ Sasha grunted, dropping the bag containing our shovels, the one we brought to dig for our treasure. The clanging of metal brought us some unwanted attention from a few men huddled nearby, but the fierce glare Sasha shot them, not to mention the size of his muscles, kept any potential trouble at bay. ‘ You promised you weren’t going out to drink last night,’ he growled.

‘The coordinates are perfect, we’re where we’re supposed to be,’ Simon continued, ignoring Sasha, ‘right place,’ he paused, long enough for the rest of us to know what he was going to say next. ‘Right place, wrong time.’

All colour had run from his face, not that he had much to begin with, but now he looked very ill. He struggled to speak, taking several deep breaths before blurting out, ‘it’s 17 August, not September.’

‘What!’ We exclaimed all at once, again gaining ourselves even more unwanted attention. Knowing what he was going to say next didn’t cushion the shock of hearing it. Even Louisa, our unofficial leader, and always the most logical of all of us looked panicked.

Though she soon fell back into her usual stoic self and quickly set out the plan. ‘Ok, we’re stuck here for less than seven days, has everyone brought their emergency gold?’ We glanced at one another, ‘yes,’ we replied. ‘Good, then here’s the plan, we find a room, we stay together and spend the next few days shopping, luckily I took a Latin refresher before we left. Keep Sasha from following the wall penii, don’t give me that look Sasha you know our rules. We keep a low profile, and on the day we come back here and go home. Simon, how long will we have to return to base?’

‘Ahhh, we’ll have two minutes before you know…..shit….fan.’




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